About Sonaspection

Internationally recognised manufacturer of flawed specimens in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Evaluation (NDE) industry

With offices in Lancaster, UK and Charlotte, USA, we pride ourselves in pioneering many well recognised ‘industry standard’ flaw manufacture and implanting techniques.

High quality flaws are achieved by a combination of first class workmanship, a unique blend of welding and non-destructive testing skills, plus a full understanding of the product.

Flawed specimens contain purposely induced real flaws which are accurately sized and located. Each specimen is supplied with documentation detailing flaw types, sizes and location.

Our policy of setting new standards and developing new techniques to improve quality and reliability, assures the highest quality of flaws.

Sonaspection flawed specimens can be found in any reputable business providing training and certification of technicians as well as procedure and equipment development in non-destructive testing and evaluation.

With many clients from around the globe, we are able to create customized orders and ship our products internationally. Please contact us direct for a quote.